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Old pictures of me before I restored and comparing them to now.

Here are some old photos from before I was restoring and what it look like today. I will try to duplicate the photo with a new photo in the future. I will post these for now.
This was sround 2001before any restoring
 The glans before
old glans and circumcision line
Yes, I had a frenulum ring
I have to push the skin back to show my glans today
This was week 4 of restoring and you can see what the glans and circumcision scar looked like then.
The circle show my PA piercing
I will take a better shot with a ring in the frenulum just to show a good comparison  since this looks like I am pulling the skin up.
soon as any blood flow goes into the glans the surface turns shinny.
I will see if I can dig up more old ones from years ago before I restored that are relevant.