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Erect coverage continues
I just lifted my penis and now you're going to see what I see.  I am using my hand just to hold my penis and not at all to hold skin forward.

As I pull the skin back you can see the end of the foreskin is smaller in diameter then the glans.  This is something new for me and unexpected after all these years.
This moisture is normal. Exposing the glans in direct sunlight will evaporate the moisture quick.
This view will help show how the end of the foreskin has resistance it has now when being retracted.
 As the piecing healed the skin became pliable more and more each week. I noticed the end of my foreskin stayed over my erect glans at a higher % with each passing week.
As I pull the skin back you can see the resistance the end of the foreskin has on the glans.
You can see the band constricting the glans as if the skin had a rubber band inside it. Doing this routine I have been able to go from 20% coverage to 80% in just a few months time. I know hard it's hard to believe and I would not believe it myself if it wasn't happening to me personally. This picture shows the skin getting a little tighter then I want and I will explain this issue in coverage part 3
Almost over the corona edge now as I continue to pull the skin back.  I have also noticed that this band is tighter after I do the manual stretch excessive for more then 15 minutes and then try to retract the skin. It could be that the inner skin gets irritated and swells up a bit after doing the stretch and this causes this to happen. I did not do any manual stretch this day when taking these photos.
Over the glans now,  Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy.  The end of the foreskin is now behind the glans. The skin is a little snug but is not causing any pain.
From above you can get a good look at how the skin gets stuck right under the glans. The skin is tighter then the glans and shaft and will stay this way unless I manually pull it forward. This is due to the band at the end of the foreskin now being behind the glans.
You can see the foreskin piecing along with the original first attempt at a foreskin piercing next to it. The original piercing shrunk to small when it healed so I had to do it again ( this was still in 2005) The pieced skin isn't perfect yet and is still getting better each month. I will never use a ring in them again. I will be stuck with the skin tubes for some time or maybe forever but that doesn't bother me.
Some glare in this picture but you can get another good look at the band and how it is tighter then the shaft skin and glans.
I hope this counts for my 15 minutes of fame.
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Scrub a dub dub, This is a flaccid picture just after blasting the foreskin with a shower head.
You can see a little piercing bump on the right hand just under the "band"  that would be at the end of the foreskin. I have to pull the skin down like I show here to expose the inner skin.
Just a flaccid side view where you can see how this band is tighter then the shaft. This band is about 1/4 inch of skin that looks slightly different when close up.  Again sorry for the glare from the flash. Makes everything look a little lighter then usual. Looks a litle creepy honestly with that flash...like a rubber penis.
Bump from piercing.
My routine with this experiment was to do the finger pull stretch for 5-15 minutes twice a day total time.
This was done in the morning and before going to bed for the most part. This did vary slightly and there were days I did nothing. I also incorporated the use of the retainer with weight for 3-6 hours depending on the day 4 days a week.

* remember this person is a mad scientist
Now my hand is under my penis just lifting it to take a picture  I am not pinching the skin underneath.
I am not forcing the skin forward or using anything to enhance the skin to stay on the glans.  This is exactly how the foreskin looked at the time these photos were taken.
Continue from part #1
After doing the "finger pull stretch" for weeks I decided to see if I could increase the results by adding a restoring method in combination with the finger pull. I decided to use the Retainer with weight since this would only tug on the skin without putting pressure on my glans. My glans have become much more sensitive over the years from being restored and can no longer take the pressure from a push plate like they could years ago.
At this time I was doing the finger pull stretch along with using the retainer starting with up to 6 oz of weight. I increased the weight up to 18 oz as the weeks past and saw that this was giving me a higher % of coverage then just using the finger pull stretch by itself.
I have a semi erect penis in these photos that quickly become full erect due to the increased sensitivity my glans now have. Just the air temperature difference can cause this to happen at times when my glans are exposed.
I should have taken more pictures during the first weeks of doing this experiment to show how the end of the foreskin continued to tighten up over this time period. These photos were taken after weeks of incorporating the retainer with weight while using the finger pull stretch.
You can see how the end of the foreskin in snug as it approaches the edge of the corona.
Lets now look at the skin retracted when flaccid after a good blast of water in the shower.