How they are made

Well it's not really magic but just an innovative way of using a baby bottle nipple to make a gripper that is extremely durable easy to replace and is non toxic.

To the left you see two brands of baby bottle nipples.
Dr Brown is the original nipples I use to make grippers,
Playtex are a little wider and are used to make grippers for anyone needing a larger gripper, The need for a larger gripper is rare and I do not make offer them with the DTR because of this, it would be a large waste to make and send these out with the DTR kit so I will show you here on how to make your own grippers using the DR, Brown as a model ( Playtex grippers are made the same way ).

It's easy and with very little practice ( two or three tries ) you will be an expert gripper maker.
It's nice that DR Brown wide neck nipples come in two packs. It does not matter the level size, as long as it's wide
Dr brown wide neck nipples. You can also use Avent brand these are close to Dr Brown, Playtex are wider and are only used for making a wide gripper.
By the way if you cant find Dr Brown at a store near you try.
Type DR Brown in there search box.

Dr Brown's Silicone Nipple - 2 Pack - fits wide-neck only is what your looking for.
Playtex can be found online also but just about every store sells them.
First your going to cut off the bottom flange of the nipple.
This is simple since these is a groove where you cut with the scissors so you wont mess it up ...yet.
Next cut off the top of the nipple don't take off to much, you can always cut more but you cant add it back.
You will see a small edge where the bottom flange was removed.
Just take your scissors and cut this little strip of flange that is still there off. I cut it by sliding the scissors rather then cutting with them, If your scissors are sharp this is easy. If there dull you might just want to cut with them.
Try to keep this even so it doesn't look to wavy when your done.
You may choose to put little holes using a leather hole punch tool or leave it with no holes. Some guys like the no hole gripper better.
It's your gripper so you decide.
I hope this helps take some of this mystery behind what the gripper is and how it is made. Take a little time and practice. It's not as hard as you think to make grippers.
Grippers do take about a week of use to break in. So they will stretch a little.
To remove your gripper just grab the edge and work it over one screw at a time. There very durable and wont rip easy so don't be afraid.
I use a razor knife to cut the parts of the nipple that are not used. Spinning at 850 RPM. This method makes a close to perfect cut as I can get. The only drawback is any slight slip and the nipple is destroyed!
The Nipplematic offers a much faster and more precise way to create grippers but of course you would have to spend a few hundred dollars to make one for yourself. I figured I would show you how I make them first before I show you how you can make them for yourself.
Okay so you don't want to spend $300 to build your own gripper maker. You can do it the old fashion way, order grippers here or grab some scissors make your own.
Turn the nipple inside out.
Remove bottom flange
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