The AIG ( advanced inner grip ) is a method that utilizes both grippers. One gripper is placed upside down on the DTRs push plate. A collar is used at the base of the penis to prevent push plate from slipping. What this does is allow the push plate to act as a braking system by applying pressure from the outside against the push plate and gripper on the inside.
Collars or bands
Putting the DTR on as I normally would, I have also found that it is best to wash the grippers and dry them off with a towel. The shaft skin should not be overly damp. I use a paper towel to dry the inner shaft skin .
This is a close-up of the collar with the Velcro closure. The collar is made out of 100% nylon fabric with a polyester foam core and nylon trycot backing. The strap is a 8 inch Velcro strip this holds the collar from unraveling.
I can now use elastic or manual tension settings like I normally would. As the push plate slides down it actually starts to stick against the inside wall of the skin tube. The collar is there to help the skin stick against the gripper that on the push plate.
I do not put this collar on tight. I am only using this collar as a means to slow the push late.
If the push plate slides to easily this means is not gripping properly .I will remove the device and dry my skin with a paper towel and then reattach to make sure that the gripper inside does not slide easily against the skin tube.
First I take a no hole gripper
and put it at the bottom of the push plate.
Rolling the skin over the push plate and onto the bell.
Rolling the gripper onto the skin.
I wrap the collar around the base of the shaft skin. I do not wrap the collar to tightly.
Next the collar is secured by wrapping the 8 inch long Velcro strap around the collar.
When done correctly I can feel the inside skin getting very high tension from this method. The plus side is that there is virtually no pressure put on the glans. I use this method for about 45 min to 60 min and then remove to let the skin relax and then I would reapply.
This is not a method that should be worn for long periods. If done incorrectly the skin will not get enough blood flow and will turn dark in color. If this happens remove the collar let the skin return to its normal color and then reapply. I have used this method for a very long time and never had any problems with it. I have found it to be a very effective method as have many other DTR users.
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As always use caution and your own judgment with every method of restoring. This method is extremely effective, But it is important to remove the collar occasionally so you do not restrict the blood flow for too long. The collar is there to act as a braking system by pressing the skin from the outside against the gripper that is placed on the push plate on the inside of the skin tube ( foreskin ). I normally remove the collar at least once per hour when using this method.
I used this method for a short time. I am keeping this info on the site for reference only. I personally feel the use of a collar or band is not something everyone should try.
This should only be used by very experienced restoring men.
Extra caution should be used if attempting to use this method.
Some examples of bands
Instead of just using a collar or band I used another gripper as a brake on the inner skin. This allowed me to lessen the circulation problems that I had when just using a band.
 I no longer make these collars.