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The pierced frenulum issue
Although this problem was caused by an old frenulum piercing I had years ago I wanted to share
this information with others that have a pierced Frenulum or are thinking about doing so. I would advise not to pierce the frenulum.
I called this one " The door knocker" This jewelry was used temporarily for fun and some pictures. Normally I would just have a ring threw the piercing.

Although it was fun back in my 20's,  I do regret the damage the frenulum piercing caused.

A surface piercing is known to migrate so It should not be that much of a surprise when this happened, what surprised me is it happened after I stopped restoring and have been going threw a phase where my skin keeps getting softer on the inner foreskin.

Two more pictures to show the PA and the frenulum piercing. The first picture you can see I did not have a PA piercing yet.  Now normally I would not use jewelry like this all the time. Most times I wore was just CBR's
Taken Sometime in my early 20's
This picture shows how much my glans have changed after restoring. The picture was taken outdoors in direct sunlight and that tends to make my penis and glans more red looking then normal.  I had some shrinkage of the skin tissue and this always happens with a surface piercing but the skin was not to hard. It looks tight here since I am pulling down on the skin when erect to show the glans texture in sunlight.
This was a few years ago. My frenulum piercing cased the skin to look like this. I took the jewelry out years before I started to restore. This migration of the original piercing was one of the reasons I gave it up years ago. I figured I could stop the damage by no longer having any jewelry in it.
 This is a picture of the left side of my penis shaft. Where I did my foreskin piercings.

 Notice there are two next to each other. The bottom one was my first attempt at the piercing. I had it in for a few weeks and took it out because it was too small. You need a long point to point area of skin when pierced due to shrinkage of skin tissue when it heals.

As you can see these healed very well after the issue I had in 2016 with these foreskin piercings.

Now for some reason the other side of my penis shaft had an issue with the first attempted foreskin piercing I did. It just started to hurt anytime I would use manual stretching and it started to shrink and migrate.
This is the side i had a problem with. The top white line shows my foreskin piercing. The bottom white line shows where my original foreskin piercing was.

This was taken today.. DEC 2017  This is how the old pierced skin looks. Much better and still healing nicely.
My point in showing you this is to show what a migration looks like.  It's your skins way of removing something so to speak. (Remember, I am not in the medical profession so do not listen to a word I say.) 

I never had issues with my frenulum when I was restoring.  I've always used a notched plate and my frenulum never had issues.

Around 2012..I think
The bottom pierced skin is dissipating like it never was there.

This is my frenulum a week or two before I cut it.. I really wish I took a picture of this the day I cut it because it was not pretty. The frenulum skin was hard and thin and had a tear on one side. The scar tissue from this piercing felt like a callus.
So, I cut what was left of my frenulum and and it bled for about 8 hours.. not gushing but it would just
bleed without pressure on it. A simple bandage took care of that.
This is a day or two later after it was cut.

Now it looks bruised due to a skin tear I just got a few days before I decided to cut what was left of the frenulum.
This is about four weeks later. The frenulum nubs were starting to flatten out and there was no more pain in that area when retracting the foreskin.
This is about 8 weeks later and you can see that its healing very well. Yes folks these things take a long time to heal. I have a few tricks I have learned to heal injuries like this.

More to come...
I am just using this as a reference to show where I had to cut although it looked much worse then this when I made the cut.
Now I need to stress this point.  I used Dual tension with a notched push plate for many years. No issues. I used a notched conform plate for a few years. Again No issues. I only stopped using dual tension because my glans have become very sensitive over the years from being restored. My glans have changed so much so that using Dual tension at this stage was just to aggressive.
I used a sterile razor and sliced the skin. Almost no blood at all. The skin was just thick. This was taken a few days later as it healed.
 Body piercings work by growing skin/scar tissue around the jewelry as it heals. In a way of keeping the foreign object outside the body. Other wise you would bleed out every time you took your jewelry out.
 I had to cut the skin bridge of the original piercing because it migrated so much on this side that the piercing was just a small thick skin bridge that hurt just from touching it.
I have used many products over the years and for a long time my go to was Vitamin E oil however I have tried something recently. Its a product called Aquaphor ointment and it has truly blown me away with how good it works. 
This is an updated picture of how it looks in March 2018.  I will update again with an outdoor picture since indoor lighting always gives me a washed out looked. LED lights .. good on electricity.. bad for Pictures..
The skin gets thick and not pliable.  So now when having sex it would sometimes cause a tear inside this area. This would bruise and take awhile to heal.., this continued for months until I had to cut off what was left of my frenulum.  What I did wrong was continue to injure this area of skin over a period of months making the problem worse.
I found out ways to protect the frenulum after an injury but by the time I tried to use them it was to late. I had scar tissue from all the multiple little injuries I was having during sex.

As my frenulum piercing started to migrate the skin became less pliable and would no longer stretch like it used to.
Surface piercings are notorious for migrating.