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Flaccid roll back after an erection.

This is a series of photos to show the tightness of the band development when the foreskin is pulled back when flaccid. This is when it just started to feel constricting like its smaller then the glans. This does not feel bad infact the complete opposite.
This is before doing any stretching. Also its been 2 hours after taking a shower and pulling the foreskin back to give it a blast of water for that fresh as a daisy feeling..
Seriously some people will claim foreskin restoring will make your dick smaller. I do not believe that myth.
When the glans are full they get a purplish hue to them.
Fast forward to limpy dick pic 1 Erection gone and totally flaccid.
Holding this limp noddle up I will start to pull the skin back.
Erection to expand the band of skin at the tip for this show and tell.
Notice it's not the scrotal skin that is being yanked to restore a foreskin.
And the pull down begins
I have to say moisture like this is normal. its not urine since I always dab any excess urine with a tissue to keep clean because its urine that makes a foreskin smell funky.
This is when I start to feel a difference with the glans ..like they are going threw an elastic band.
Rolling back more
Now right here you will see an area that look odd. This skin is getting stressed out to much from the finger pull.
You can see it better here. When this happens I will back of a bit on my aggressiveness with the finger pull and do it for less time or just ease up.
 Right here I am semi flaccid due to exposing the glans It is surprising when I see the change in the glans over the years. The whole glans are sensitive with more sensitivity right bellow the edge.
Now, I have noticed that anytime I expose my glans to the air I start to get aroused.. not in a freaky way like I am a dog in heat but I will start to get a little Chubb action due to increase sensitivity in temperature difference is cooler.
More picture series on the way soon.
I know my sexy fleece PJ's are a distraction but try to do your best not to focus on them.