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The story of Erect coverage.
Erect coverage is something that most restoring men dream about including myself.  Although I have heard stories form other restoring me that clam to have erect coverage without assist I found it hard to believe. Especially since I had been restored for years and never had erect coverage that stayed over the glans by itself.  Flaccid coverage was something I archived years ago but Erect coverage was something that just eluded me.
Good morning wood! I took this snap shot after I  woke up one morning in July 2016
After a month of letting the piercing heal and using an O-ring I started using a manual stretching technique I call the "Finger Pull Stretch"  This was a spin on a stretch I did years ago in the beginning of my restoring I called the "squeeze technique" that can be seen here. Manual stretching. I did this for weeks for about 5-15 minutes a day ( total time ) 4-5 days a week. This time was split into 2 sessions of 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night before I went to bed.
I decided that night to remove the piercing for good and hoped it would heal and not cause damage that could not be undone. The piecing just becoming hard and thick and continued to get worse if I had not decided to remove it for good.
The skin no longer moved over the glans. I had two lumps from the piercings on the sides of my foreskin and the skin was no longer pliable. In all my years of restoring getting small injuries this had me worried the most.
I used an O-ring to keep my glans well covered and used vitamin E-oil to heal things up. It took about a month for it to get much better.
My foreskin piercing was intended to keep my skin over the glans 100% of the time.  I though this was a great idea back in 2005 after I reached flaccid coverage. Unfortunately the pierced skin made it difficult to restore after 2006 ( after it fully healed ) when I started to restore again to get more skin since I lost some gains due to the healing process of the piercing. Some familiar with a genital piecing will know that the piercing will shrink a bit as it heals depending on where the piercing is done.( scrotal or foreskin )

This was taken in early spring of 2016, Sorry the light sucks but when this happened I was very frustrated and felt I just screwed my restoration right up and really did not want to take any pictures of this problem because I was very pissed off and upset that I allowed this to happen.
Some back story on my Foreskin piercing problem.
This was me in early spring 2016 when my piercing was inflamed and started to be rejected after years of having it.
I have had the piecing since 2005 and although it caused many issues trying to continue to restore with it I never had a problem like this.
I really had no choice but to abandon the piercing and let the piercing heal and hopefully become more pliable.
The piercing would get irritated anytime the gripper was pressing on the pieced skin area. I went threw this issue for years and then out of the blue my piercing just started to reject.
This caused the piercing to swell and become like scar tissue. The piercings themselves were getting smaller also as the rejection continued.
Click video screen to play in new window ( you can save the video also )
As I continued to do this exercise my erect coverage was getting better with each month. I went from 60% erect coverage to 75%
One night I do remember doing this exercise and being too aggressive, I felt something like a skin tear under the skin in an area right next to my frenulum.
As I pull on the skin the top of the foreskin starts to dig into the glans a little.
The skin felt a little to tight when retracting it and this was something I did not want to happen.
Now prior to these photos I had about %70 erect coverage and could retract the skin without any issues.
I had always retracted my foreskin daily when taking a shower but not when fully erect.

 I also did not have sexual intercourse for a couple of months due to family health problems and the unexpected death of my farther in law. Sex took a back seat during these months and it just did not dawn on me that by not allowing the skin to retract when erect I was not allowing the skin to expand where I had the small skin injury. As this injury healed it cased the skin to become to tight.
 Something I have learned over the past year is that my foreskin and glans can not take the aggressiveness that they used to be able to handle years ago. Everything now is just to sensitive to use aggressive methods. I am not complaining since that was the whole reason to restore.
I believe by being to aggressive with the manual stretch I had damaged an area of skin just under the surface bellow my frenulum. This caused the skin to constrict more then natural. That along with not allowing the skin to expand by retracting the foreskin when erect while this injury healed is what caused this extra tight issue. The worse thing about this is that me of all people should have known better.  Being to aggressive is never a good thing.
So how do I fix this issue.. easy.. Let the skin retract and stop being so dam aggressive!
This side of the page will show when I was being to aggressive and not allowing the skin to retract when erect.
This side will show what happened after stopping everything for about 10 days and then allowing the skin to retract when erect. I also started to message the injured area of skin to make that area more pliable.
To tight..
Much better...
This was just to uncomfortable to retract.
You can see the skin no longer digs into the glans.
At this point its just about to pop over the glans edge.
This side shows a much smoother transition as the skin glides back.
The foreskin would pop behind the glans while retracting quickly at this point when erect.
Here we can see the skin is much more pliable and expands easier.
This is a picture of the glans fully retracted without the uncomfortable tightness.
Since these pictures were taken the skin is better and move pliable. It glides over the glans like it used to but still has a nice snug feel to it.
So what did I learn?  I learned that I need to retract the foreskin When doing the finger pull stretch so that I do not cause the end of the foreskin to become to tight. I also need to back off on being to aggressive with any method I use at this stage of my restoring since my skin is more prone to injuries then it was years ago.  .

Thanks goes out to everyone who has followed these posts. I did not mean to confuse anyone with this new "Erect coverage" phase I was going threw and its why i felt the need to revise this section.

I did this to get back into restoring since I was pretty upset with the events that has unfolded. I really just wanted to get back to having flaccid coverage and have the skin move like it use to.
This brings us to the picture at the top of this page.  I was extremely happy to say the least That by removing the piercing and doing a manual stretch exercise I was able to finally have erect coverage within a few months after my piercing mishap.
So I did what most people do when something works good,  Exploit it to work better.. But instead of being smart I decided to get aggressive and take the fast road to disaster!
And this is when things got stupid.
Now I do believe that the O-ring I was using when I was not doing this exercise helped to create the band of skin that was acting like an elastic band at the end of my foreskin.
I think this bottle neck that the O-ring causes with the foreskin helped create the tighter band of skin. The diameter of the end of my foreskin is same diameter of the O-ring I use.
I continued to do the same routine for a few days and things started to get to tight with my foreskin. I should have stopped and let thing heal. instead I continued and made things worse.