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The story of Erect coverage.
Erect coverage is something that most restoring men dream about including myself.  Although I have heard stories form other restoring me that clam to have erect coverage without assist I found it hard to believe. Especially since I had been restored for years and never had erect coverage that stayed over the glans by itself.  Flaccid coverage was something I archived years ago but Erect coverage was something that just eluded me.  That is until some strange events unfolded at the same time.
Good morning wood! I took this snap shot after I  woke up one morning in July 2016
After a month of letting the piercing heal and using an O-ring to retain my skin so not to disturb the heal process of the piercings I started using a manual stretching technique I call the "Finger Pull Stretch"  This was a spin on a stretch I did years ago in the beginning of my restoring I called the "squeeze technique" that can be seen here. Manual stretching. I did this for weeks for about 5-15 minutes a day ( total time ) 4-5 days a week. This time was split into 2 sessions of 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night before I went to bed.
I decided that night to remove the piercing for good and hoped it would heal and not cause damage that could not be undone. The piecing just becoming hard and thick and would continue to get worse if I had not decided to remove it for good.
The skin no longer moved over the glans. I had two lumps from the piercings on the sides of my foreskin and the skin was no longer pliable. In all my years of restoring getting small injuries this had me worried the most.
I used an O-ring to keep my glans well covered and used vitamin E-oil to heal things up. It took about a month for it to get much better. As this healing process took place I noticed that my foreskin would partially cover my glans when I was erect.
My foreskin piercing was intended to keep my skin over the glans 100% of the time. I could still retract my foreskin when flaccid to shower etc and I could also remove the piercing quickly.   I though this would be a great idea back in 2005 after I reached flaccid coverage. Unfortunately the piercing reduced some of the gains I had made and now I now I had to deal with pierced skin getting irritated anytime I restored.
Some back story on my Foreskin piercing blunder that more then likely has caused years of slow progress from 2005 onward.
This was me months earlier in spring 2016 when my piercing was inflamed and started to be rejected after years of having it.
I have had the piecing since 2005 and although it caused many issues trying to continue to restore with it I never had a problem like this.
I really had no choice but to abandon the piercing and let the piercing heal and hopefully become more pliable. I did not think that I would have any major issues with it healing and dissipating of the thick piercing. I know these things just take time.
The piercing would get irritated many times since the gripper of the DTR would  press on the pieced skin . I made a modified  DTR with grooves in the bell and that helped greatly but I still could not use high amounts of tension without irritating the piercings.

One piercing swelled every so often and I would need to stop restoring. 
Over time this caused the piercing to thicken and getting shorter. They lost the pliability they previously had.
Now the reason why I have erect coverage is greatly due to inner skin growth. I have had many theories but now after a good amount of time has past since the piercing problems I have a good idea on why I have the coverage I have today.
One night I got to aggressive with this "finger pull stretch" and I felt something like a skin tear under the skin in an area right next to my frenulum just bellow it.
I had always retracted my foreskin daily when taking a shower but not when fully erect during these exercises.

 I also did not have sexual intercourse for a couple of months during this time due to family health problems and the unexpected death of my farther in law. Sex took a back seat during these months and it just did not dawn on me that by not allowing the skin to retract when erect I was not allowing the skin to expand where I had the small skin injury.  I belive as the injury healed this caused the skin to heal tighter then it should have.
 Something I have learned over the past year is that my foreskin and glans can not take the aggressiveness that they used to be able to handle years ago. Everything now is just to sensitive to use aggressive methods. I am not complaining since that was the whole reason to restore was to gain sensitivty and I have plenty of it now.
So how do I fix this issue.. easy.. stop doing everything and just let things heal. I began to message the area with Vitamin E oil and I would retract the skin when erect so that this would outwardly expand the skin.  I was Retaining using an O-ring to keep the skin bunched up during the day. I stopped any restoring and did not pull on the skin during this time.
This side of the page will show when I was being to aggressive and not allowing the skin to retract when erect.
This side will show what happened after stopping everything for about 10 days and allowed the skin to retract when erect. I also started to message the injured area of skin to make that area more pliable along with the frenulum.
To tight..
Much better...
This was just to uncomfortable to retract. The frenulum piercing rejecting and my skin injury is causing  the area at the frenulum to constrict. This makes the softer glans look compressed.
You can see the skin no longer digs into the glans since the skin is not as restrictive.
At this point its just about to pop over the glans edge.
This side shows a much smoother transition as the skin glides back. It is still snug at this time and needs more work.
The foreskin would pop behind the glans while retracting quickly at this point when erect.
Here we can see the skin is much more pliable and expands easier.  This has improved since these photos were taken.
This is a picture of the glans fully retracted without the uncomfortable tightness.
Since these pictures were taken the skin is better and move pliable. It glides over the glans like it used to but still has a nice snug feel to it.
I learned that I can no longer use aggressive ways to restore my inner skin. I also need to incorporate retracting the skin when doing any manual stretching exercises that cause an erection

Thanks goes out to everyone who has followed these posts. I did not mean to confuse anyone with this new "Erect coverage" phase I was going threw and its why i felt the need to revise this section. 
I have good coverage because I have grown a lot of inner skin. This is what is covering my glans on the inside of the foreskin. One of the reasons why the end of my foreskin is smaller in diameter and stays over my glans is because the end of my foreskin used to be where my glans started prior to restoring.
Foreskin piercings  done 2005.5
The end of my foreskin is naturally smaller then the diameter of the glans because this area of skin was under my glans prior to restoring.
The black oval shows what is now the end of my foreskin.
My erect coverage continued to improve as my foreskin piercings continued to heal. I decided to be more aggressive with the stretch exercise I was using. I figured my skin could take higher amounts of stress in the past so why not go on the aggressive side of things as I normally did with other methods.
As I did this exercise I noticed my erect coverage was improving with each week. The piercings was also improving at this time becoming more pliable and soft.
Looking at this time line you can see how the color and texture of the inner foreskin has changed.
 This was something new and my restored foreskin never did this in all the years I have been restored. Erect coverage with no assist ? Even I had my suspicions on that possibility that it was possible.
I will update with one where I am pulling down harder to match the other 2
Frenulum piercing
Old Circumcision line _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Failed first try foreskin piercing 2005
This is an ongoing project since 2016.  you may get lost.
This was taken in early spring of 2016, Sorry the light sucks but when this happened I was very frustrated and only took this one picture.
Finger pull stretch
I had posted a video showing the exercise called the " finger pull stretch " I will re-post the video with an audio commentary about the events talked about on this page.
I stopped and checked the skin but did not see anything odd, It felt a bit sore so I stopped and used applied some E-oil on the skin washed my hands and went to bed. I used an O-ring to retain my foreskin and keep things from moving to much.
The injury was next to my frenulum and the frenulum itself was going through some changes due to an old frenulum piercing that now was doing what my foreskin piercing did.  ( Reject ) Between the two problems my foreskin was not retracting like it had been. I started to have difficulty retracting the skin when fully erect.
My erect coverage is greatly due to my inner skin growth. There are a few things that are playing a roll with this including retaining to train the skin forward as crazy as this my sound.  I do think there is some real truth there.
Issues with injury and frenulum piercing rejecting
How I fixed the issue
I posted a new recent video showing how the skin moves today on this page.
The use of an O-ring to retain when not restoring may contribute to this bottle neck in the skin also.