The story of Erect coverage.
Erect coverage is something that most restoring men dream about including myself. 

Although I have heard stories form other restoring men that clam to have erect coverage without assist I found it hard to believe especially since I had been restored for years and never had erect coverage that stayed over the glans all by itself.

 Flaccid coverage was something I archived years ago but erect coverage was still out of reach...until now.
As my piercings healed and my erect coverage continued to get better I started using a manual stretching technique I call the "Finger Pull Stretch"  This was a spin on a stretch I did years ago in the beginning of my restoring I called the "squeeze technique" that can be seen here. Manual stretching. I did this for weeks for about 5-15 minutes a day ( total time ) 4-5 days a week. This time was split into 2 sessions of 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night before I went to bed. I also continued to use an O-ring to keep my skin forward during this time.
The skin no longer moved over the glans. I had two lumps from the piercings on the sides of my foreskin and the skin was no longer pliable. In all my years of restoring getting small injuries this had me worried the most.
I used an O-ring to keep my glans well covered and used vitamin E-oil to help heal things up. It took about a month for it to get much better. As this healing process took place I noticed that my foreskin would partially cover my glans when I was erect.
My foreskin piercing was intended to keep my skin over the glans 100% of the time. I could still retract my foreskin when flaccid to shower etc and I could also remove the piercing quickly.   I figured this would be a great idea back in 2005 after I reached flaccid coverage. Unfortunately the piercing reduced some of the gains I had made due to how a surface piercing heals and I had to deal with pierced skin getting irritated many times as I continued to restore after I let them heal for one full year.
Some back story on my Foreskin piercing blunder that more caused years of slow progress from 2005 onward.
This was me earlier in spring of 2016 when my piercing was inflamed and started to reject after years of having it.
I have had the piecing since 2005 and although it caused many issues as I continued to restore I never had a problem like this one.
In spring 2016 I really had no choice but to abandon the piercing and let the piercing heal and hopefully it would become more pliable. I did not think that I would have any major issues with it healing.  But I felt if I waited any longer I could have a larger problem then I had by this time.
One piercing would swell up every so often and I would need to stop restoring until the swelling would go down and that normally took a few days. 
Over time this caused the piercing to thicken and lost the pliability they previously had.
 This was something new and my restored foreskin never did this in all the years I have been restored. Erect coverage with no assist ? Even I had my suspicions on that possibility that it was possible but here it was happening to me after all these years of being restored.
This was taken in early spring of 2016, Sorry the light sucks but when this happened I was very frustrated and only took this one picture.
 I started to get very aggressive and injured  my foreskin.  I remember feeling a slight sharp pain while pulling on the skin exceptionally hard one night and the skin tighten up as shown in the picture bellow. I stopped for about 10 days and things seemed to go back to normal.
Now, after I did my piecings in 2005  I made a modified DTR bell with grooves to accommodated the pierced skin so the gripper would not press as hard on them. I still could not use the amount of tension  I was using in the past without irritating the piercings but at least I could use Dual tension again.

Early July 2016
Late July 2016

I injured the skin differently again in December of 2016 . This is what the skin looks like when I was too aggressive with the stretch in Dec 2016.
The finger pull stretch injury
The use of lotions and oils will greatly reduce the chance of skin injuries like this. 
Emu oil is one of my favorites to use when doing any manual stretching.

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After weeks of doing this exercise I noticed I was getting erect coverage, It was enough to stay over the glans all by itself unless I retracted it.
I belive that by doing the "Finger pull stretch  " I may have been causing a very mild case of phimosis. At this time I was also using a 3/4 inch O-ring to retain with 24/7.  Please check out O-ring theory for more information as I believe the two are linked.
This photo on the left was taken around Oct 2016,  This is atfer injury number #1 got better.
At this point I stopped doing the manual stretch since I could see that all I was doing now was damaging my skin. After many years of stressing my skin with restoring It could no longer take this aggressive abuse I was putting it under.
I don't want to discourage anyone from using manual stretching methods.  I was being stupid many nights and not using any lubrication on my skin pulling on it as if it was a rawhide. Don't push the limits of your skin. You can hurt yourself for a long time. I feel the need to stress this since more men are learning  about restoring.  Know when to take a break and when to stop using aggressive methods when your skin has had enough.

I let my Ego get in the way thinking I was Super Foreskin Man and pushed myself to far as I tend to do when it come to physical challenges.
Since posting this page I have heard from other that have injured their foreskin with manual stretching exercises. I think this is because you can get  much more aggressive with a manual stretch then you can with a device. 
This is just speculation but the more I research on how a person can get phimosis from a skin injury what I am about to say makes the most logical sense in my own opinion.
This ended up being a very bad idea. Getting too aggressive with the "Finger pull stretch"  started causing more harm then good. 
Revised May 3 2019
This continued for weeks as I did this exercise and kept a 3/4 O-ring on my skin 24/7 as a retainer.
I should have stayed with the routine I was using but I figured since it was working so well why not get more aggressive with it to see if I could get a tighter erect coverage.