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Advanced Restored Foreskin
This video will show how my restored foreskin keeps its resilience. I want to show a visual of what is possible without surgical procedures. The end of my foreskin now has a nice elastic quality to it that keeps the end of the foreskin snug on the glans when flaccid and erect.This will show that the end of a restored foreskin does not have to look like a baggy sock at the end of your penis.
I have never done any touch-up surgeries and these results are only from the restoring methods you see me demonstrate on this website.  I do plan on making more videos that will show  "how I use a method" and other topics of restoring.
I am only posting this video to show what is possible with Foreskin Restoration.  I wish a video like this was available to me when I started just so I knew what could be achieved with foreskin restoration.

 I have an obligation to share what I know about this subject and . I could yap all day with bad spelling and poor grammar about how the skin moves and what it looks like but honestly I find a visual to be the best way to absorb this kind of information.
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Adults only please..    That's an odd thing to say considering ever male on the planet knows what his penis looks like when erect.