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Selecting parts
1 DTR bell/pack or TugBell
1 Tug strap or make one yourself
Beginner / Intermediate :  "Tugging method "
Intermediate / Advanced : Dual tension method
1 DTR bell/pack
1 Push rod
1 Push plate
Choosing a push plate for Dual tension
If there is any frenulum skin left.
A notched push plate is needed
If thereis no frenulum a standard push plate can be used.
Push rod selection for Dual tension
Push rods are not subject to penis size. The 6 inch rod is the most common push rod used.
The 3,4 and 5 inch rods are good when using the tension hold screw to adjust tension. 6 and 7  inch rods are better when using elastics. 
What should I buy ?
Elastics (optional) only needed when using elastic tension on a push rod. The tension hold screw is used to manual set tension with a push rod when not using elastics. Screws are included with DTR/bell pack.
All rods can be used with elastics or the tension hold screw.

If you're not going to build your own restoring equipment the next option is to purchase some from a devcie maker.
Gripper selection
Gripper with holes seem to provide more flexibility and grip due to the holes that allow the shaft skin to protrude when it is applied.
These little bumbs quickly go away when the device is removed.
Solid grippers are firmer and seem to be more popular with men that are just starting out restoring.
All grippers are interchangeable with the DTR and Retainer.
A "DTR kit" is available instead of purchasing the parts separately. 
  • DTR bell/pack
  • Push plate
  • Gripper ( your choice )
  • 4 inch push rod
  • 6 inch push rod
  • Elastics
 Primary focus shaded in yellow
  • Less skin needed to use
  • No pressure on glans
  • Fast learning curve
  • Tugging strap needed
  • Wearing shorts is not an option
 Primary focus shaded in yellow
  • No tug strap needed
  • Compact/self contained
  • Wide range of tension
  • Wearing shorts is an option
  • Pressure on glans
  • Some skin is needed to use CI-2 +
  • Shorter time between breaks
Bellow is a quick start on what parts are used for what method and my own pros and cons review on each.
I will be adding other methods to this page