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Selecting parts
1 DTR bell/pack
1 Tug strap or make one yourself
Parts I use are...
Parts I use are...
1 DTR bell/pack
1 Push rod
1 Push plate
Choosing a push plate for Duel tension
If there is any frenulum skin left.
A notched push plate is needed
If thereis no frenulum a standard push plate can be used.
Conform plates can only be used if there is a good amount of skin to work with ( CI-4+ )

Push rod selection for Duel tension
Push rods are not subject to penis size. The 6 inch rod is the most common push rod used.
The 3,4 and 5 inch rods are good when using the tension hold screw to adjust tension. 6,7 and 8 inch rods are better when using elastics. 
Click here to visit the CI-index chart
A quick look at selecting the parts used for Tugging and Dual tension.
Elastics (optional) only needed when using elastic tension on a push rod. The tension hold screw is used to manual set tension with a push rod when not using elastics. Screws are included with DTR/bell pack.
All rods can be used with elastics or the tension hold screw.

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