Erect Coverage part 3..
Now this is what I do not want. A tight band that does not look natural. This issue was seen a little in erect coverage part #2
You can see that the end is now more pliable . It's snug, but not restrictive and uncomfortable to retract as before.

Feeling a little tighter here as the skin retracts back.
The skin still feels snug but not tight as it was feeling when not allowing the skin to retract as I should have been doing.
You can see the end of the foreskin digging into the glans.
A more natural look to the end of the foreskin when being less aggressive.
Allowing the skin to stay behind the glans when erect for a bit has loosened the end of the foreskin when its erect so it no longer digs into the glans.
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The skin is now almost behind the glans and it just feels to tight.
Being more pliable the skin makes the transition over the glans easier.
Bellow is just pictures on how the erect glans look in Jan 2017
So what did I learn?  I learned that I need to retract the foreskin When doing the finger pull stretch so that I do not cause the end of the foreskin to become to tight. I also need to back off on being to aggressive with any method I use at this stage of my restoring.

 I will say that as long as my skin was not fully retracted for more then a few seconds when doing the experiment everything felt great.  No pain or any discomfort aside from the over stressed inner skin which could get sore after a few days of the routine.  Sexual intercourse would have be an issue and I abstained from having any during this experiment.
Masturbation had no negative effects since the skin could stay over then glans without having to be fully retracted.
I know this revised page might confuse some of you the saw the original page. But I needed to correct what I previously thought to be the reason for the issue I was having.

I still have the same erect coverage as I had , but now the skin can retract like it should when the penis is erect.
Revised March 1 2017
I have revised this page since I have discovered that the real issue I was having with the end of the foreskin becoming to tight from the finger pull stretch was that I was not allowing the end of my foreskin to expand by retracting the foreskin when erect when doing that exercise.  Over time this contributed to the end of the skin becoming to tight.  This is no longer an issue as I now retract the skin fully as part of the finger pull stretch exercise.

Original I suspected being to aggressive with a method I was using along with the finger pull exercise but this has turned out not to be the reason after more experimenting was done
This is what happened when I did not allow the skin to retract fully when erect why doing the finger pull exercise over a few weeks.
This side will show what happened after I allowed the skin to retract when erect while doing the finger pull exercise.
I had always retracted the skin when washing daily. It just did not dawn on me that I was always flaccid when I was doing this at the time of this experiment.
I will have a part 4 to this series to show how it looks today. Its much better as my skin is more pliable and the old pierced skin has become much more pliable.