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No false promises or unrealistic claims.
Real results, real pictures and honest information about foreskin restoring.
Making high quality long-lasting restoring equipment with great customer service since 2005. ( Invented in 2003 )
Making a DTR
Information you will find nowhere else online.
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No fake "models" are used on this site.
All pictures and videos on this site are of my own results from restoring. The only exception "AKA"s touch up page and the other DTR uses page.
A better way to retain when not restoring
Sexual satisfaction meter
restored foreskin
This site will show you what I did to restore my foreskin.
This web site is not intended to tell you how to restore your foreskin.
Always consult your physician when starting any restoring project. Use common sense since only you can determine what's best for your body. My goal is to let men know that restoring is possible and can be achieved.
Used by thousands of men worldwide since 2005
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Ten year anniversary online
Ten year anniversary online 2005- 2015
All information found on this web site is to be used at your own discretion and not to be taken as medical advice . Always consult your physician when starting any restoring project.
Not all restoring equipment is created equal.  Do your own research to decide what really works and anyone claiming they have the best and fastest way to restore is selling you a pipe dream.
Methods of restoring
I will be adding videos discussing different aspects of restoring on YouTube in the future.