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Alex's video results after touch-up surgery
When its cooler out the skin tightens up.
Okay how many retoring men would love to have this as an end result from all your hard work!
A big thanks to Alex for again sharing his pictures with me to share with you. Hopefully you will be inspired to restore yourself.
A few new pictures from Alex. He says that he has coverage all the time and that includes errect coverage.

Was it worth it (Comparing before and after)?
It depends. If your end of your foreskin is very wide, like the trumpet shaped end I had before any touch up surgery, I don't think only the purse string method in itself is sufficient to make the foreskin much tighter. So I think a combination of both methods is the best if you need a much more tightening. I am unaware if it's possible to do both procedures at once! Both remove excess foreskin by the v-plasty and simultaneously insert a circular absorbable thread in the very end of the all ready narrowed foreskin at the same time. (then you'd saved money too, instead of doing these procedures separately) But I think the surgeon will evaluate the results of the procedures separately because he's might afraid to tighten too much.
The advantage of the purse string method is that it is not involving any actual removing of excess foreskin and it costs less money compared to the other more complicated surgical methods. The disadvantage is that the results is uncertain and it takes many weeks or even months before you can do sexual actively and to see the remaining results.
It exists absorbable threads lasting for up to a half year. It can be that the results will have been better if I had let the thread be inserted that long time - which may had created a stronger rigid band (This is only my theory though)

- Did he notice the rigid band form as anticipated?
To some degree, yes, although not as much as expected

- Did the rigid band remain after 3 years?
Not as tight as it originally was after the procedure. But that's also because I started up again with the restorer.
Once again, I think the results will be better and more permanent using an absorbable thread with a very slow absorption, and indeed not continue stretching.

- The 2015 photo seems to make the tip hole look wider.  But I also know the skin expands throughout the day.    Did he have the same tighter pucker after the passage of time?
Actually I didn't ask, but what I have seen with my friend's foreskins is that it seems that the skin expands throughout the day

- Did he attempt to clean under the foreskin during the healing?  If so, how?
No, I did it by myself. Since it is impossible to retract the foreskin at all when the thread is in place, the cleaning is more challenging. I used a 5 ml syringe without needle that I filled with tap water and rinsed the inside of the foreskin carefully.

- Was masturbation possible during the 6 week healing period?
As soon as the thread is absorbed, masturbation is possible, yes.
How tight the end of my foreskin appears, varies a lot. Today, at the morning when I woke up before I went out of the bed, I got an erection. The foreskin still stood in position and covered most of the head, and this lasted for many seconds without holding the foreskin in that position. So that'll say that the foreskin was nice and tight. Even when I masturbated, I felt a good and natural feeling from the end of the foreskin. So it seems that the purse string method might has created a kind of a flexible rigid band that represents a natural manner for an intact rigid band
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