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2018 Update
I stopped restoring on Oct 5th 2018 But after a few weeks decided to test out a modified tugging method used just for outer skin development .
Click video to start playing or right click "save link as" to download video and play whenevery you want.
By using the method bellow I can stickily focus on outer skin development with out and stress to the inner skin or glans.

I will leave some foreskin over my glans before installing the DTR bell. This is much different then rolling the skin back to expose my glans.
I am using a DTR bell with one hole gripper to tug with.
The skin inside the bell will not be pulled on at all. Only the skin bellow the DTR will be stressed.
Gripper down and ready to roll. As you can see now the DTR bell is about 1/3 down my shaft. This is the area of skin that is being held in place by the gripper.
My routine is 6 hours a day with quick breaks ever hour or so. Depending on when I feel the need to take one.  So far its been easy to follow this routine and I will see how it goes over the next 6 months.
One thing that I do find interesting is that when I started to restore I used the Tugging method. Now I plan on finishing my restoration with that same method.
I am intentionally tugging just outer skin